Thursday, 10 March 2011

CINDY IN THE FAB HOUSE! H&M & My Purchasing Problem

Hello again,

Feeling FABulous?

I’m glad you are, but I’m not… it’s close to print date, meaning the fine-combing of FAB’s next issue (out at the end of March, lucky you!) is coming to a sweeping yet high-pressured close…

While the pressure is high, the hours of sleep totalled between myself, the editor-in-chief, creative director and our graphic designer is at an all time low. (Tired times).

So, so low that I may in fact drop off at any m-om e n  t 

ACCEPT! I have something to share with you (of course it’s purchase related, silly) that you, miss (or mista) fashionista will be pleased to read.

Stealing a moment to spend (The best thing about being a spontaneous shopper is that it doesn’t take long to find something to buy and part with money, which is great when you’re actually meant to be working but find yourself popping into a shop on your way to the office…) I paid the obligatory visit into H&M the other day. I say obligatory because I oft venture into store half expecting to find something gorgeously cheap and half expecting to find tat. In my mind, H&M stands for a few things – sometimes it’s Half-hearted & Mediocre and other times it’s Holy-Moley!! (It’s safe to say, I find H&M a bit hit and miss…)

Walking my usual path around the store, eyes half closed (due to lack of sleep and a refusal to get my hopes up) I strolled across what I like to call a magic moment - a good ol’ bargain on an amazing item. To my pleasant surprise, hidden at the back of the shop were the cutest of cheap clutch bags… Believers of the highstreet, behold:

Priced at an easy £7.99 and made from ‘100% paper straw’, I could not resist. Lightweight, vibrant, woven and beautiful, they get a double thumbs up. Plus it’s kind of a rule of mine – if H&M bring it, I’ve got to buy it, since who knows when they might do good again?

So which did I buy…?

I know, it’s a problem. I just didn’t realise it was obvious to others until I showed my mum the bags and she tutted and said, “You couldn’t just buy one could you.”
LOL I really couldn’t. (I guess it’s true - no one knows you better than your own mother!)

After this FAB buy though, for some reason, on arrival to the office, I  allowed my fingers to walk me to my pc and  conjure up H&M’s website (Could not help myself… Serious issues…) to have a ganders at their accessories page.


(If you too have a penchant for purchasing, look away now.)

Surprisingly, this season it seems H&M is thoroughly on point – it’s not just their bags, their shoe game is well on it too. To the point I plan to buy at least three pairs. Ouch.

The floral platforms (£29.99) add that itzy-bitzy cutesy pattern needed for spring/summer ’11, and these coral sandals – coral-coloured anything screams spring/summer – are a must at a mere £7.99 (they also come in gold and black).

This particular pair, though, is on my immediate agenda… 6 trends, 1 shoe (£29.99).

Platforms? Check. Wedges? Check. Floral print? Check. Leopard print? Check. Mis-mash pattern? Check. Colour-blocked? Check. What more could a girl (or daring boy) want?

If it’s dresses, H&M have your back – check out these babies….

The slinky grey spaghetti strapped number (£29.99, also available in powder white) will work ‘chic’ effortlessly, while the lacey, scallop-hemmed, one shoulder dress (£34.99) bangs out this season’s trends like nobody’s business – it’s asymmetrical, shoulder baring, textured, scalloped… there’s definitely no avoiding your well-styled shoulders in this dress!

And coming full-circle, my eyes arrive back at H&M’s bags. Not quite content with the TWO I’ve just bought, I spy these…

Pow! The green satchel bag (£14.99) will do well in adding a pop of colour to the brightest or blankest of outfits, and the ditzy floral bag (£9.99) is perfect for prettying it up.

And, shamelessly, on sight of this last bag, I reach again for my bankcard…

...My name is Cindy and I have an addiction to accessories.

Yes, I know, don’t judge me, I had to - they didn’t have this one in store and seeing it online felt like finding a piece of jigsaw puzzle down the side of a sofa. It was the missing musketeer of my bag trio, like a coveted collector’s piece worth hundreds of pennies (799 of them to be exact).

By now you should know I get excited too quickly by pretty things and react by throwing my purse at them. That said, I should get back to work before I become bankrupt...

So I bid you good day now reader - have fun flocking to your nearest H&M. With the heads up I've just given you, you’ll not have to dare yourself into store, either. If my skiving off work has proved anything other than that I have problems with spending which go way deeper than my pockets, it’s that for this season at least, H&M is on point! Make the most of it.

B-bye FAB friends.

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  1. OMG I love accessories too! And I definitely have bag-envy now! xx