Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Who to date or not to date...Nics gives us the rules of the game

While im not trying sound like your mum here; as exciting as it is going out somewhere with someone of the opposite sex in which you may fancy; theres always the odd one you should avoid at all acosts...heres just some of the bunch...

1. The close friends ex's: While they might be 'just your type' or you find them sexy or attractive and would like to 'go there', dont. Not unless you dont mind your relationship with said 'friend' being jepardised. And while the friend may tell you 'its fine'.. is it really? Personally ive never been too 'serious' with someone and I would genuienly not mind if a friend of mine got with any of my exes (barring one haha), as- as it happens, im still friends with all of mine, and do not have any bad feelings towards any of them. A lot of people still have emotional ties or negative feelings towards an ex and may start comparing themselves with their friend, despise said friend for being with someone you detested so much at one point or The ex may try to play one against the other or to come between you, damaging said friendship. For reasons like these, it just safer to avoid the ex-partner of a good friend.

2. The married man/woman: This is sure to be a lose-lose situation for everyone concerned. While you may love the thrill of eating forbidden fruit, when the excitement dies down and said marriage has been ruined all you'll be left with is another person's unfaithful ex-spouse. As the old saying goes: unfaithful to one, unfaithful to all. Then its not so exciting is it.      

3. The Boss: Okay so its been successfully done, and is one of the more exciting to date I guess but dating a boss or other employment-related authority figure can bring, as obvious as it is; consequences at work. If it got round the office, as they all tend to do, colleagues may treat you different, probably not in your favour and if you happen to ever get a promotion or pay rise while the rest of the workers know you have romantic liasons with the boss, you'll probably be accused of only receiving this new status because of the fling with your boss, this denting any actual true work achievements you have made. If you really want to date your boss, try to maintain a separate romantic connection that does not carry on in the workplace.

4. The Plain Weirdo/Bit of a psychopath: Sometimes us singledoms tend to wander into the wrong kind of hands, perhaps from loneliness or occasionally from brain
error. But if you discover that your date has a penchant for weird fetishes, smells bad or has that obvious 'needy nature' say a hurried good-bye and run forest run!! And please just stay away from the psycopath.

5. The sexually confused or on-the-sly cheater: Do not date someone who is sexually confused. Do not think that you can 'turn them' becasue you cant. Unless said person is a Bi or Tri and has expressed interest in you it will only end in either more confusion for them or complete embarrassement for you. If you are dating someone who does not know if they are gay or straight, gently let this person know that they should hold off on dating anyone, gay or straight, until they figure things out.

6.) The Green Eyed Monster or The Paranoid: No one likes the Bunny Boilers or Jealous Hulks, You know the type, the ones who ‘assume’ you’re cheating (with or without good reason) and have something snide jealous tinged comment to make about the way you dress, the way you address the opposite sex, the same sex friends you have as them, your whereabouts, etc. The one who roams your facebook, twitter and mobile on a regular basis and quizzes you about every post, tweet and BBM. Bottom line, you cannot be with a person who does not trust you.

7. The Work-till-I-drop kind: Okay so this is one of the many reasons im still single as it takes a special kind of person to handle dating a workaholic. Either you can handle it, or you can’t. A workaholic will, 99.9% of the time, be busy and not always intentionally or wanting to, put you second to their work — and not only their work, but their boss, their co-workers, and everyone and everything else associated with that work. If you marry a workaholic, most likely they'll be bringing their Blackberry on the honeymoon and be pinging the holiday away. Can you handle it? If you can’t, keep the workaholics at bay.

8. The adult baby: Wah wah waaaaaaah. Nothing worse than someone who acts like a kid but is actually an adult! Someone who whines and complains about everything. Can you handle this level of immaturity? Adult babies are unbearably high-maintenance and require physically draining amounts of attention from the person they are with. Unless you get a serious kick out of playing mommy or daddy, avoid grown children.

9. The Rampant Rabbit and on-the-sly cheater: Who can handle being in a relationship with someone who is constantly flirting with other people? Not only is it mind-bogglingly thoughtless and inconsiderate but straight-up annoying. It doesnt half make you feel un-wanted and un-attractive if the person you are with, even just accompanying for the night, blatantly flirts with someone right in front of your face. It can make even the most non jealous people turn a tad green. Unless your totally self-confident in yourself and not at all a jealous person, steer clear.

So to date or not to date... that is the question... there's plenty of fish in the sea but its best to try an let the above slip through the net to avoid heartache...
For me.. its going to be another lonesome year. Im part of the ones to avoid. Ha.

Until we speak again...

Have a FAB week!

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