Sunday, 6 March 2011


Hello FAB people,

A few things about being FAB is that you tend to work a lot and harder than most; your sleep time is punctuated by beeps on your phone indicating urgent emails and sometimes calls from colleagues who can hardly relate to the time zone you are in; you hardly find time to eat properly; you go to loads of meetings and if you spend seven hours or more travelling, you end up having to respond to over a hundred emails! In all of this you are expected to turn-up at meetings and events looking well-rested, sharp and in control. Permit to shout this out...PERSON GO DIE O!

I refuse to lament about this though as the path of FABness wasn't thrust upon me, she only presented herself and I fell in love. FABness peeped through an opening in my door, I saw half of her face and boy was she pretty! I leapt from my bed, opened the door to let her in and as we lay in bed together, I made a promise to her..."I will never let you go as long as I live!" Sometimes I wonder whether or not I should have done a proper courtship with her before saying, "I do!"

I would usually tell people that I love travelling but about a week ago, I finally admitted to myself that I really didn't like travelling after all. I will tell you my reasons shortly.

I am sure you read about my travel to Sri Lanka, if you didn't search within the blog archives and try to find it. I managed to come into Lagos for 3 nights after my Asian travels with the intent of registering to vote in the elections coming up in April, and yes, I did. I immediately left for Dubai and subsequently New York right after where I attended the New York Fashion Week with our amazing Fashion Editor, Pepper  where we saw over a dozen shows and attended a couple of fashion parties, most memorable was the Patricia Fields after-party (Look at the images and you will understand why).

I spent 10 days in New York and permit to mention that FAB Magazine is now distributed in NewYork and across other states in the US - store details coming soon.

Moved on to Chicago, then Atlanta, then Dallas, then Houston, then Chicago, then Minnesota, then Chicago, then back to New York, then Dubai and finally Lagos! I am positive a lot of you are immediately envious, and yes, I usually spend 5% of my time ensuring I take pictures that will keep you envious for a long time. However, I do not envy myself much! In 3 weeks I have been on 14 different flights! Who the hell does that?! I have taken a total of 18 flights in 6 weeks. I now officially hate travelling as I got airsick on one of my trips and got feverish, with a headache and nausea on a particular flight! I sincerely dread the next flight I will be on  shortly but then it is a price to pay for FABness! Till I update you next, I hope my fun pictures inspire you to envy! Lol!

Have an amazingly FAB week!


Outside the Tea Castle in Sri Lanka

The sun setting on the beach right outside my hotel in Sri Lanka

Patricia Fields Party, New York

Patricia Fields Party, New York
(by the way, these are men!)

Patricia Fields Party, New York
Patricia Fields Party, New York

Tadashi Shoji, New York

Tadashi Shoji Show, New York

Let it rain!

Minnesota was all white and mad cold.

The funniest chef I have ever met, Minnesota

Mall of America, Miinesota - so big they have theme park inside!

With the Sulaiman sisters, beauty experts

You can be my first son - it don't matter if you're black or white!

My Houston sons!

Rodeo Parade, Houston

Sick traveller

Stop-over in Dubai

With my twin & FAB Editor-in-chief, Sinem - Milton Keynes

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  1. Hey FAB... I don't envy you one bit, and you know why? Cos I wanna be like you when I grow up!!! LOL!