Monday, 21 March 2011


As though you haven't already heard the news (or read it here on this FABulous blog) FAB Magazine's fifth issue - the second music issue since FAB's launch in 2010 - will be out in the UK from the 27th March.

With more than a few FAB faces gracing the pages of this next issue (like DJ Kirenga, Rhian Benson, Loick Essien and Faith Evans...) and a selection of stunning shoots, cool articles, dual-covers and male and female content, what more could you want?

If what's missing is the ability to stroll down to your local store and find FAB on the nearest shelf, we've got you covered - FAB Magazine is now available from more than 1000 WHSmiths and independent retailers across the UK, as well as 360+ Barnes and Nobles and Borders stores in the US. And, the magazine is still available in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, as well as Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Australia and The Caribbean. The reclusive among us can even subscribe online at and have FAB arrive through their door!

So, while we count down the days till the release of FAB Magazine's Music/Cool Issue, make sure you have 27th March circled your diary - it's set to be the most FABulous day of spring...

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