Sunday, 20 March 2011


I am mega excited to say the least. Our next issue THE COOL/MUSIC issue hits the shelves on the 27th of march and looking back now I can say so far its been an ultimate experience.
I was looking through my library and found pretty awesome pictures of some of the FAB family at work (and play) that I can't help but share... See below for a few snaps of the team at one of FAB's beauty shoots, which you will discover in the next issue.

Model Monique keeps her hands firmly on FAB issue 4 while being made up for issue 5's beauty shoot...

Monique after MUA Tamara Ramsey-Crockett had her brushes on her...

2nd model for the day Nicola aka GM of FAB and assistant editor Cindy

FAB Guys. Left to right, hair stylist Eugene Davis, FAB creative director Suby Onabanjo and FAB graphic designer-turned photographer for the day Mista Skee

I just want to put it out there and say thank you to the FAB family for taking me on board and the experience is one I will never forget. I totally look forward to the next issue and thanks to all the FABtastic followers out there who support FAB ..xoxo




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