Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Name: Makeda

Age: 23

Born & Bred: POOLS (Liverpool)

Role at FAB: FABulous Fashion intern. This includes doing anything and everything.

FAB part of my job: Mixing with, learning from and growing with creative and skilful individuals. Travelling and see what it has to offer me along the way. And being part of a FABulous team.

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: Things not going to schedule... (there’s always a change of plan in the fashion World)

Aspirations/goals: To learn, grow and make my mark in the fashion industry. To travel the World and absorb everything that is around me... 

Inspiration: My family, as they have been so inspiring throughout my life and they continue to support me every step of the way.

Hero/heroine: My grandparents. Very brave individuals.

Best piece of advice you can offer: Life is what you make it! So go for your goals.

Your kind of music: Bashment, bashment and even more bashment (that’s my Caribbean side coming out). Also R&B, garage, hip hop, funky house, soul, reggae the list goes on.

Your kind of book: FAB of course...(do magazines count?)

Your style in a nutshell: Dependent of my mood long as it’s comfy!

Your Kryptonite: Biscuits in particular Fox’s Fudge Crunch. And bargains, you can’t beat a good bargain!!!

Pet Peeves: Lateness!

USP: Natural organiser, always on time and reliable.

Log on to my blog: If you’re a FABulous person.

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