Wednesday, 23 March 2011

FAB Magazine's Cool/Music Issue - ONLY 4 DAYS TO GO!

With 4 days left untill FAB's fifth issue finally hits the streets, starting in the UK from 27th March, you must barely be able to hold it together (Thank God for this blog, eh!) and we don't blame you.

On its way to stores near you (that's right Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Australia, The UK, The US and The Caribbean!) is 200+ pages of music, fashion, film, books, gadgets, cars, beauty, love-related banter and exclusive content one can only hope to find in FAB Magazine.

Itching for a copy? Act now and subscribe online to have it do all the running - FAB can be shipped to anywhere in the world, from FAB head quarters to your very own door. How FABulous is that!

And the date of issue 5's release, incase you haven't heard, read it already or weren't paying attention to the opening of this post (tisk, tisk), is 27th March. Plan nothing but a FAB purchase that day and expect to do little but leaf through it for atleast 2 days following that...

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