Tuesday, 22 March 2011

SUPER-BORI IN THE FAB HOUSE! On a Mission to Bring FAB to the FAB

And the excitement never stops. FAB Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1 is about
to hit stands across Africa, UK, US and other parts of Europe. (Quit
acting like you are tired of hearing it already!)

As much as we have tried to make it possible for everyone to easily grab a
copy of FABulousity, we are sure there are a few unsatisfied fans out
there and at FAB, we are unsatisfied with having unsatisfied disciples.

This week, SuperBori embarks on a mission to ensure that everyone is
happy. I set out to seek more evangelists for the FAB gospel. By
evangelists, I mean more outlets where people can easily grab the FAB

Are you one of those that believe we haven't done enough in bringing the
FAB gospel to your neighbourhood? Then help us reach out to you.

Inform us of Superstores and outlets in your neighbourhood that can be
used to preach the FAB gospel and we assure you that we'll be there within
the next 48hours max.

So, what are you waiting for, let's win some lost souls over to the FAB
side and let the FAB INVASION continue.


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