Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Good, The Blah, The Nice Try (but doesn't work) & The GTFOH (this is THE Oscars Dammit!)

This is my rundown of the 2011 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion - couldnt resist chipping into the opinion pool of the Oscars fashion.

The Brilliant

Mila Kunis - Stunning in Elie Saab lace yet super sexy at the same time (anyone notice the sheer lace accents at the bottom of the dress? Not to mention the boobs?).  Brilliant stand out choice.

Cate Blanchett - looked like a Japanese warrior princess in Givenchy Couture. Amazing dress - very her! She always brings something different and edgy to the table. LOVED the back and the styling. Perfection.

Halle Berry - Simply beautiful frothy confection. She couldn't be yummier if she tried.

Other winners in the style stakes

Hilary Swank - sequins PLUS feathers? Now that's how you do Oscar Glamour - without going over the top.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Simple but oh soo chic with the right sexy edge. I wasnt sure about it at first but I think she pulled it off.

Hailee Steinfeld - purely because she was very age appropriate. Sick of all these young wannabe starlets dressing too old for their age.

The Blah

These ladies look nice in their own right but this is the Oscars - I expected more. Mandy Moore apart from the overly stern makeup and hair, she looks like she is wearing the nude version of Olivia Wilde's Emmy dress, not to mention that it washes her out completely (sack the stylist for real). I wasn't sure about Michelle Williams - love Chanel, but this dress didn't work for this occasion. Yes she's trying to do the girly kooky thing but sheesh!  ReeseWitherspoon - channelling Julia Roberts circa 10 years ago but even then Julia's had soo much more drama! Jennifer Lawrence - looked good but oh soo boring!

The Nice Try But Doesnt Work

I hated the styling of this look - especially the necklace. Think the dress would have looked soo much better on someone taller and more statuesque.

Dull colour, awful sheer cut-out at the top. Would have been more wow if it was all covered up and the back was the only exposed bit. Disappointing effort.
This dress wasn't bad per say. She has a fabulous figure - just hate the way the cut of the top looks too high and her boobs too taped up. Looks very uncomfortable and unnatural!


Anna Hathaway looks like she raided her mummy's closet here and Nicole Kidman looks like the skirt of her dress is back to front. The worst case however is Florence Welch. This dress needs to be burnt.

Congratulations to all the winners though - very well deserved, though I think Christopher Nolan was cheated. Inception was a great movie - he should have won something personally for it. Some people might not like Oscar movies (think they are too serious) but go see this year's crop. They are all really good.

Have a lovely week folks!
Lara O

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  1. I totally agree with your top three!! However, I didn't like Hilary, and I think Michelle Williams looked fab!! It was very her and other people might not have pulled it off but I think she totally did!

    Ha ha, I knew you wrote this from the way it was written :)