Thursday, 17 March 2011

WALE IN THE FAB HOUSE! Random Ramblings and Wailings on Nigeria's Wannabe Models...

When it comes fashion models there are lots of them who make my juices flow. My loved 'it girl' of the catwalk right now is Chanel Iman, she has slaughtered the ramp, showing for the likes of fashion gods McQueen, Valentino & many more.

I love some of our local girls, but the rest inspire little in me. Each time I see their pageantry hobble during fashion weeks I wish I could tell some of them “Eat (less), pray (more), love (fashion)”.

Models are about putting glamour on the ramps rather than giving horror stories to share between sweetie-dahling kisses.

This industry is so fierce but spotting riff-raffs at fashion week, parties or castings is as easy as spotting the mongrel among a litter of thoroughbreds. Every time I catch a glimpse of local mods who are not on point I wonder if the fashion gods have deserted us.

A modelling career is a serious business with agents willing to spread their models around like wild fire in the fashion bibles.

‘Wanna-be’s aspiring to be runway queen should know that they quite simply can't acquire the 'it factor'.

The truth is fashion designers can't even trust some ugly ducklings with their lavish couture and pret-a-porter creations - only a few of our local girls have the X factor, enabling them to sell the garment before reaching the end of the runway.

And until a law is passed to kick masquerading models, we will never have a buffet comprising potential exports, but I'm glad to say over the year I have been able to spot some great Nigerian talents...

For aspiring models, I beg you find your inner beauty, eat less and direct your energy to fashion and the sky would be your starting.

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  1. Really, eat less? There i was about to go get your mag.