Thursday, 3 February 2011



So, dear blog-reader, here it is – my first post, ever.

Yes, I know. YAAAYYYYYY! … I feel it too!

A mere ten years behind in joining the blogosphere, I arrive fashionably late (of course) to celebrate this special day, and let me start by saying Gung Hay Fat Choy!

…Let me explain.

My boyf is half Scottish, half Chinese (yep, interesting combo) and every year, though he’s more British than anything else culturally, his family see in a second new year – Chinese New Year. This time around, Chinese New Year falls upon today, 3rd Feb 2011 (The above Cantonese phrase translated is ‘May prosperity be with you.’).

While from year to year the pivotal date changes, the plan does not. Food, fun, family and firecrackers. Oh and there’s fung-bao – little red paper pockets of money, which are gifted between family members, usually from elders to young’uns. (yay for me and le boyf :D lol)

On said special occasion, which I particularly enjoy, being that it brightens up the otherwise dull and cold January/February, I get to eat, like, loaaaadds, of one of my favourite foods….


No, (teehee) obviously I’ll be eating Chinese cuisine, and at one of the nicest buffet-restaurants Milton Keynes has to offer (Zen Gardens, Milton Keynes, UK). Yummy.

Only problem is, although I’ve spent all day trying to find a ‘parent-friendly’ (since his parents will be joining us) and Oriental-inspired outfit (I’m never one to turn down a theme, plus if I’m going to look like a tourist, I may as well do it to my best ability), I’m stuck for choice. Thus, the perfect outfit planning is not going well and I’m kicking myself for not buying something ahead of tonight. (If it weren’t for my previous New Year’s resolution, not to buy new outfits for every event, I would be stress-free right now!)

While rooting and blogging simultaneously and in a panic, I found this navy, floral number that I picked up last year over Chinese New Year, which I spent in Mauritius with the boyf’s family. I found it in a little outlet called ‘Redsnapper’, and it cost me 400 Rupees… that’s a delicious £8 fyi.

(How I do love impulsive buys that stay in the wardrobe forever until one day, when they literally save your (style’s) life…)

I add some red lips and nails (because red is typically worn for the occasion, as the colour is believed to be lucky, and to effectively chase away bad spirits.)

With those tiny details settled and the main garm sorted, (with it’s perfectly floral/bird printed pattern, oh so of the orient) I begin to build tonight’s ‘look’.

Here’s how I’ve chopped (hoy-yah!) and changed the ensemble so far…

My first edit is built upon le dress, which is Britished-down with Bertie brogues, Topshop tights and a blazer to add some smarts. I’m also sporting this unusual suede and leather torquoise bag I got at The Clothes Show for £3. Mmmm, cheap….  But I worry it’s a little too dark, since bright colours are typically worn for the occasion.

Ditching the blazer and replacing the brogues for suedette Asos shoe boots, and changing to a suede envelope clutch by Faith, I try to dress the dress up a bit…

Since it’s cold, methinks a woolly cardi should replace the clutch – a more sensible accessory. Plus, I feel every dressy outfit works best with an element of cas(ual) and this woolly lightens the look…

I also add some oriental-looking black and gold drops and clinch the waist with a vintage black woven belt, to define myself against the baggy cardigan. 

I next try some extra-cas appeal and work the dress with some ballet pumps by John Rocha, and a sleeveless, tied up shirt, buttoned up to the top for a vintagey take…

Adding my boyf’s black cardi and a piece of ribbon to the neck. This looks a little quirky and fash but maybe not right for tonight…

Typically Virgo, my search for perfection is running me late – it’s T minus 3 hours until the meal! (Or, perhaps I’m being typically Rabbit - my Chinese zodiac - and being indecisive…)

Either way I just decide to get some online inspiration, and it’s lucky I do, as I stumbled across a little gem of information… For Chinese New Year, ‘people typically wear new clothes from head to toe to symbolise a new beginning in the new year.’

Elated, I finish this post by saying a very Mandarin Xin Nian Kuai Le! (Happy New Year!) so I can quickly nip out for some necessary shopping (you read the above, I’ve more or less been instructed, lol).

Loving the excuse – ahem, reason - to ditch that resolution, I’m off to spend. Wish me luck…


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  2. Yup you are a perfectionist (or are all women like this before they go out? ) lol

    Now I know why it takes you like forever to get ready. Jezz, just grab a top and bag woman lol