Thursday, 10 February 2011



Hi all, how are you? FABulous I hope….

Just a brief post today to tell you why February is so great. And yes, it’s a fashion-related lust I have for the month, FABsolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s day…

If you haven’t guessed already, my penchant for Feb is all about the post-Christmas sales, and the fact that they are still floating around. AND, being that it’s 2 months since Jesus’ b’day, shops are starting to get a tinnnnncy bit desperate. Just how I likes it.

That means even the sales seem to have sales, where clothes can be found at half price, and then halved again. And generally, it is about this time of year that I strike - walking past shops, you can smell the desperation to flog things, anything… that’s when I enter, armed with a purse full of pennies.

Being that this year around I’m too busy being (at) FAB to stop, shop and cop constantly, I’ve only had a sneaky, quick peak into Zara this week. But being time-limited doesn’t mean I’ma leave empty handed…

Check out these cute tees I pulled from Zara’s sale rail… They (temporarily)satisfy both my need for cheap fash pleasures and my current obsession with collars.

Perfect pan collars at their cheapest - £6.99 since you asked.

The best thing about this purchase is (other than the price and the guilt-free feeling that it comes with) the ditzy floral print top. It’s a blend of two trends set for Spring-Summer. Clever Zara. Worst thing would be that the stripe on the second tee is too thin - ickle stripes make way for big, ballsy bands this year :-/

Oh well, can’t always get it right… but at least in February I can get it for next to nothing. 

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  1. You make me almost want to go shopping. Bet there are loads of people now starting to think like you. Feb Sales here they come :) Suby