Monday, 21 February 2011


What a week I had! It kicked off with my 20 minutes interview with Naeto C, after which I did some massive distribution of FAB Magazine, spent time with my little nephew, Kayomide (he's fast becoming a big boy and a lady killer), ran into an EX (another interesting encounter), had the rumble in my tummy for most of the week, popped loads of flagyl and imodium, only to find out I had stomach infection and all I needed was an antibiotic. With all the stomach trouble, you'd have thought I'll go easy on the grubs  when I attended my late grand-uncle's burial ceremony in Ijebu Ode, but my SuperBelly had other ideas.


Anyway, I'd like to share my awkward moment during my Naeto C interview. 

You know how it is when you are finally granted a date by that pretty lady you've been restless over. How you pick out the right clothes, get that smooth haircut, wear your craziest masculine fragrance, wax your ride to reflect your swag and all just to ensure you make the best impression...Well, it wasn’t like that with me when I got an appointment for a 20 minutes interview with Naeto C (that's my story and am sticking with it). 

Now must I admit that I'm in awe of this dude's craft, so it was a case of me spending time with my 'Naija rap idol'. While I anxiously looked forward to the day, I got my outfit ready, wrote out a million questions that my Superself planned to squeeze into 20minutes and overcharged my  battery (yes I have one too) to ensure that I recorded every single word we exchanged. I was all set to make a lasting impression, not just for me but also for FAB Magazine.

To cut the story short. I finally sat beside Naeto, placed my phone in between us, set down my pen and pad on my lap to take note of anything abstract and we were ready to go. I hit the record button of my phone's voice recorder as I fired my first question. 

About 2 minutes into his answer, my wonderful phone started vibrating of its own accord, with the red signal light blinking incessantly. I'm like 'Mehn, what the heck is going on?' I instantly grabbed my pen and started writing as fast as I could while I stylishly pulled my phone out of sight.

Thinking it was a minor malfunction, I asked Super C to excuse me as I tried to jump-start the phone. I took out the battery, put in back in and yayy, the phone started to boot... or did it? The screen suddenly turned white and the phone never came back on... at least not for the next 4hours.

So 'Super C', if you were wondering why I was scribbling like a maniac all the way, now you know. Ultimately, it was an interview well worth it and I must confess that Naeto C is so down to earth like he was tossed from out of space.

You want to find out the details of the interview? Then ensure you grab yourself a copy of the next issue of FAB Magazine.

And if you have an interesting, embarrassing moment, you'd like to share with us, feel free, you just might be a lucky winner of the next issue of FAB Magazine.

That's all folks!


  1. Lol, why do I get the sneaky feeling you aren't telling us the full story. Like maybe you farted as well or somefin.... Big ups to you though its nice to read a blog that keeps it real. Remain FAB!

  2. lol....that's the true extras...Thanks for the blog compliment...we appreciate it!

  3. this blog is just too real....i likey!!! keep it up