Monday, 21 February 2011


Everybody knows how much I love being African as well as British, so anytime I have the opportunity to showcase Africa in good light (unlike the BBC) I don’t hesitate to bring out my trumpet (more like vuvuzela) and blow it as loud as I can.
During one of my endless searching for pieces for a photo shoot for the upcoming issue which - if I may add - should be mega good, I stumbled on Ohema Ohene and it was love at first sight. After being commissioned to style a shoot, I called the store and headed down to Brixton to get pieces for my task.
I stepped into the store and it was nothing short of impressive. The store gave out an Afrocentric vibe with a touch of class, the attention to detail was to impeccable.

Ohema Ohene is an urban fashion line which infuses African print into modern ready to wear pieces.
From afrocentric trainers , t-shirts, dresses,  jumpers to accessories, Ohema Ohene has somehow found the perfect equilibrium which most of African urban print designers try to find when infusing prints into urban designs.

My personal favourite are the OH! Trainers, they are cute, very well made and absolutely irresistible, I couldn’t help but want a pair. 

I was filled with both pride and admiration in short Ohema Ohene won me over and I became a fan instantly. The beauty and brain behind this brand is Abenaa Poukaa, I asked her a couple of questions this is what she had to say:

Ohema Ohene in one sentence and your role: Ohema Ohene meaning Queen and King in Twi (Ghanaian language) is a sophisticated fashion line for all those who like to look dapper!

Where do you draw inspiration from: London

FAB thing about your job: I am the queen of my castle! I get to transform people.

Least likes but still FAB part of your job: No sleep!

What should we expect from Ohema Ohene in the nearest future: Only the very best! Stay tuned for more ranges…

Best advice you can offer: Plan, stay focus, trust in God! 'Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave.' Proverbs 12:24

Roses are red violets are blue; if you don't fancy a bouquet, Ohema Ohene should do... Yes, I am cheesy; I can't help it, ok? Bye… xoxo Sherie

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