Saturday, 5 February 2011



Goodbye January, hello February.

For those who know me well, they know that Febuary is my favourite month. It's also for me, the begining of my year.  That's right, the year beginings after my birthday, which is so close to Valentines day that the 14th should really be called "Skee-Day!" Unfortunately, we live in the real world, which means if I don't want "Hell on earth", I bettter get something real nice for missus Skee. I like to create things for presents, infact I like to create things that I can sell to others, after all, if you buy a gift in the shop, the chances are that someone somewhere is going to profit financially. WHY CAN'T IT BE ME?

"Body no be wood"

I was down and out for a day with a combo of food poisoning and the Flu. As most people I hate being sick, I struggled for half the day just staring into my screen before I realised that my bed was a better and more comfortable choice, I conceded… Skee 0 Sickness 1 (FT).  

I always try to carry a hand sanitiser when I'm out and about; there are gems everywhere and make no mistake… they are vicious and out to get you. I remember one Sunday as my wife and myself were going to church, I spotted a man blowing his nose "forcefully" and wiping his hands on the back of his jeans before entering the church and greeting the usher at the door with a big fat hand shake… with the same hand! I freaked out! Needless to say, it was a day of "Closed fist" handshakes and hugs. As for the usher, a quick tap on his shoulder and a hello before his outstretched hand felt the tug of gravity, I was gone.


After designing and reading an article on kettlebells last year I decided to get some for my personal use. Quite expensive here in the UK... I bought a pair of 10kg and 20kg ones. They can be very effective   If use correctly. I have been into fitness since I was a kid and I must admit some of the kettle bell workouts that I've come across lately are real top notch. 

Checkout Mike Mahler: 

Truly awesome!

On my iPad

I promised myself that I wouldn’t talk about work but only fun. Currently, my favorite games on my iPad are Infinity Blade, Dead Space and of course Angry Birds. I’m a casual gamer, finding the time to play in between saving files, backing up a hard drive, a long journey or just waiting. 




Yatta! (Japanese for “I did it!”)  I finally got to level 40 last week on Infinity Blade… Don’t ask me about dead space yet, I’m still trying to get out of the ship. Can’t wait for the Angry Birds Rio and of course the Angry Birds Motion Picture. Should be fun.

Down Memory Lane

Well that's me done! Stay totally FAB. I'll leave you with an old photo I found of me recently; it made me laugh, and yes, I can still do it... Although with a little pain.

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  1. Laughing at the picture of you from LAG LWKMD. "Skee still the MASTER geek I see" :) (Not a Yoda impersonation there o)