Thursday, 24 February 2011


Fabulous, fearless and fierce is exactly what Samantha Cole serves to the fashion feast at every single opportunity and her AW11 collection at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during LFW was no different occasion.
Elsewhere in fashion conveyed collections succumbing to the economic uncertainty, while Cole rebelled representing a resurfacing tough woman. This can be reflected in having a Black model from France open her show which Cole explained to be “extremely significant and important to me to have this representation. Likewise Bunmi Koko used Black models in her show when I heard there weren’t many who walked across the board.”
Something we are used to seeing is Cole’s heavy affiliation with the colour black, however this collection was a refreshing awakening to the very cold and dark winters we’ve had and may have to look forward to again which was further reinforced by the strong use of leather, knits and suede.  
Pepper - FAB Fashion Editor & Samantha Cole

Sinem - FAB Editor-In-Chief & Kele Le Roc
The unplanned collection was interestingly inspired by the frontiers of space too. The feminine yet structured composition of leather, knits and suede were made from materials used for making space Astronaut uniforms. “The materials were sent to me from Germany, it was about using fabrics that were not necessary fashion to create the 3D effect, and it was literally going beneath the surface of the leather to create the pieces in collection.” The human etchings on the leather surface showcased innovation and was reminiscent of ancient Aztec. The 3D spiral motif running throughout the collection especially on leggings and dresses was regal and superb.
The Samantha Cole woman explained by Cole “is strong, independent and confident, most of all someone who is not afraid to wear a different style garment without feeling overwhelmed.”  Cole will also show at Arise Africa Fashion Week in Lagos and is certain to serve pure innovation for the discerning Samantha Cole woman in that neck of the woods. 
See the full collection:
Image Credits: SubySinem

Samantha Cole - The Interns

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  1. Fab! Fab!! Well done guys,
    Really proud of what Samantha Cole has achieved, her work took centre stage at a Valentines Ball
    we organised way back in 2003.
    There is no overnight success, SC you deserve the success you are now enjoying!