Monday, 21 February 2011


Acting Beauty Editor, Elaine Shobanjo, concludes last week's story..

Weeks had gone by and Tayo was no closer to ending his affair with Sade. His girlfriend of 3yrs, Stephanie, had found a way to get passed the excruciating pain his infidelity had caused her. She found solace in the arms of Chinedu, Tayo's best friend.

One Friday, Tayo returned home in the best of moods. He planted a huge kiss on her, shared stories about his day, and stressed how he couldn't wait to spend quality time with her once he returned from Ghana.

Reeeeeewind! Ghana? Stephanie was puzzled as he'd never mentioned a trip to Ghana.

"Oh!” he said, "Baby I thought I told you the boys and I are heading to Ghana for Segun's stag weekend? I'm so sorry darling, I must have got things wrong".

Hell yes he did! Not wanting a fight, Stephanie smiled and wished him a fun trip.
He packed his bag and headed out to catch his flight.

The next day, hours went by and Steph hadn't heard a word from him. Tired of waiting to see if she'll even cross his mind, she called. "Hi darling", he said, "sorry I haven't called. I had a long night with the boys and ended up on Chinedu's couch".

Steph could not believe her ears. Was it the very Chinedu who lay beside her at that same moment, stroking her back and nibbling on her ears? The same Chinedu who had spent the night with her in Lagos?

Could it be that Chinedu could be in 2 places at once? With a cheeky but silent grin, she said, "say hello to Chinedu for me", to which he replied "I just did and he says hello too".

That Saturday evening, Steph met up with a few girlfriends. Somewhere it between, one of them happened to mention how she had seen Tayo earlier that day outside a restaurant, but being in a major rush, she didn't stop to say hello and she hoped he didn't come back to tell Steph how rude he thought she was.

Steph, always composed and not one to wear her emotions on her sleeve, smiled and reassured her friend that Tayo didn't think badly of her at all.

So it was confirmed. Tayo had spent the weekend in Lagos - and most likely with Sade. After the ‘Chinedu couch lie’ he told earlier, this news didn’t come as a shock to her.

He returned home on Sunday evening and shared stories about his fictitious trip to Ghana. He was very keen to take a shower before getting into bed with Stephanie. Had paranoia set in? Was he worried that she may smell another woman's perfume on him?

The next morning was a public holiday. While Tayo lay in bed, Steph had other plans. She put on the best pair of heels she had and paired it with a mighty sexy dress. Her make up and hair were perfect. Tayo couldn't resist making a pass at her and she had anticipated this.

She let him get all hot and bothered, but just as his excitement soared, her phone rang. Being the tease that she was, she answered her phone, blew Tayo a kiss and left.

Traffic was a hot mess as usual. The loud horns and crawling pace had put a downer on her mood. She couldn't wait to get to her destination.

As she looked on at the goings-on around her, her eyes saw something she hadn't expected to see, something that immediately boosted her mood and gave her a satisfaction like never before. She saw Sade, Tayo's mistress, kissing another man on the lips. They hugged and didn't want to let go. Eventually they did, Sade entered her car and drove off.

Steph didn't know what to do with herself. She almost felt sorry for Tayo but that feeling didn't last up to a second. No, she wasn't going to feel bad for feeling happy about this. He deserved it, she thought. He had crushed her heart by being with this other woman and now this same woman was seeing another man. It was messy but made her feel almost content. Vengeance was sweet.

No one knew how this was going to end but one thing was certain, Steph was convinced that the world had changed and in this new world, women were just as spiky as men....

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