Tuesday, 1 February 2011



Phew... What a busy week! FAB finally hits 1000+ WHSmith and other independent UK stores (hooray!), as well as FAB proudly winning Magazine of the Year at the Future Awards in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday. I think I may have also publicly announced last week that I will be starting my 'New Years Resolutions' of eating healthy, staying in and no alcohol from the 1st of February, right? But did I? Did I really? Did you REALLY read that?

Because something cakey, usually something caramel/chocolate and creamy, a chocolate bar of some kind, along with a pack of crisps, maybe another cake and maybe something else at the end of the day is my vice - and I mean, ennnnnndd of the day, sitting in bed reading a book/magazine/watching a film before bed time... And that's bad, I know, they say you should not eat after 8pm and only sleep in bed... I eat, chill, work - do everything sitting or laying down in or on my bed. Maybe that's why I can do everything BUT sleep in it :/ 

But the point was that though I do work as a fashion model, hence I should actually NEED to steer clear off regular in-take of such bad things, I just CAN'T help it! It's my reward for my work day -  a treat or two, or three or four.. Shall we say:

I went and bought the drinks, Curly Wurly, the crisps and the chocolate cookie cakes, I didn't realise the sponge cakes were in my cupboard till i got back and looked! And they were bought for me... My mum knows what I'm like... I will eat all of the above... Tonight. I also got the red box of Family Circle biscuits - which my nan brought especially for me - just in case too. . 

Now I know, i should not be publicly showing how much of a secret junk food binger I am, but it's because upon taking this picture, I have decided: YES, I will go on that diet. YES, i will eat a bit more heathily. YES, YES, YES. Because as yummy as it is, I should not be making the above a regular. Okay, I'm lying, it's been a nightly occurrence for a while. If I carry on. come Valentines, I'll be indoors alone with only a six pack - of cakes.

The film, if you're wondering is not a rudey one (Suby, I'm talking to you, ha!); it's a comedy called Sex Drive - like a ruder and cruder American Pie. Lovely bit of wind down, funny crude trash before bed. If you haven't seen it and have a random, quirky, bit of a crude mind like I do, watch it. It's too funny. Like actually makes me LOL - not just in my head. Unlike the voices. Ha, jokes! I think... This film is the only bit of sex drive I'm gonna be getting tonight, so I thought: Yeh, lets do it; naughty the night up a bit more. No Suby, it is NOT a blue movie!

So wish me luck! No food, no alcohol, no men too (if you read my last post); have I just totally deprived myself? Watch me end up making myself go mad and end up on a heavy duty cake-man binge come Valentines, ha! Who knows? 

Night all... I'm now off to stuff my face and savour every last bite as if it was my last. Next week i could be showing me apples and peaches off! ;)

Catch up with me next week when we will be one week away from Valentines Day where I may actually have a date. "Oh really?" you ask. Well, yes! Thought I'd save that bit, didn't I?;) I know I'm saying 'No Men' - shall we say - but as I'm going cold turkey, I need an incentive to keep at it and that cake-man binge is sounding FAB... haha.. Catch ya next week!

Yayyyy again to all the TEAM for the past week. You guys are FAB. We ROCK!

And big up Oseyi Ikuenobe, one of our many FABulous USA FAB followers. See I told you! :)

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