Saturday, 12 February 2011


Can’t believe it, well neither can I… but a whole week has gone by.

Time flies when one’s having fun, right?

Things are getting hot in Skeetown, FAB next issue design deadlines are looming and there is always high expectations to make each issue better than the last.

Skee likes to Kiss.

“Keep It Short and Sweet “ K.I.S.S.

In my childhood days, I once planted several fruit trees, oranges, mangoes and others. For years we enjoyed the sweet oranges that we harvested by the basket. I remember reading then that the mangoes wouldn’t produce “Good Fruit” for another 20yrs or so. How true that was I don’t know, but It felt like an eternity to wait. Yet that was over 20 years ago now. You see time does really fly.

As kids we learn several truths, Like: “Sticks and Stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you”. And then as adults, we learn the reverse: “ Words will sometimes hurt you but those Sticks and stones WILL definitely break you bones!” Somewhere alone the transition from childhood to adulthood, we become more aware of how we are perceived by others, less prepared to take those necessary risks that might take us forward to that next stage of our calling in life. We become conformists. While we might sing uplifting songs like “I believe I can fly”; in reality we should be rapping, “ I hope I can crawl!”

So how did this happen? Why are we so happy celebrating mediocrity, could it be that we no longer dream big? As a creative professional, I think we hold a lot of power in influencing the next generation of leaders. As the saying goes: 

"Garbage in, Garbage out!”

The power in what we see and hear plays such an important factor in my opinion of what we do. Our musicians take note! Singing about yourself, what you have (Yours by grace) might sound amusing, but is really empty and lame, fast food, full of empty calories? Why sing a song that in 10 years you will be embarrassed by it as well as your kids?

As I two-finger type my words, “Africa must wake up”, Nas and Damian Marley (Distant Relatives) playing in the background - a song with haunting words, a modern day timeless masterpiece. Next up, "Mr Endowed": Dbanj feat. Oluwa Snoop. Africa… We really need to wake up!

I felt really sad, then mad and sad again earlier this week upon hearing about the Nigerian girl who died from silicon poisoning as a result of a butt enhancing  injection. She was only 20. I just don’t get it! Her dreams were to “shake it like a polariod picture”  in music vids, but it just wasn’t big enough to get her the attention she needed. What a Sad Sad world!

I came across this really talented ipad painter on youtube, awesome stuff. Watch how he skillfully paints a caricature of MJ. RIP O King of Pop. You went too soon.

Well that’s me, it’s back to my wacom pad, 180pages of “Fabiness” doesn’t get done sadly by blogging alone.

Always remember to dream big!

“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” -Paulo Coelho

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