Tuesday, 8 February 2011



Hey guys. For those who don't know me, I love shoes. I'm steadily building my collection. I have every kind of shoe, colour and style. The only thing I don't own are Uggs. 

I was never interested in Uggs cos let's face it, they are ugly. There's no hiding the big clump of ugly mass on your feet. They are also ridiculously expensive. I would rather put the money towards sexy designer heels. However the older I get, the more I appreciate comfort and commutable shoes. You know - the shoes you wear to run for buses and trains or to schelp about till you get to work or wherever you're heading and then change into your heels. 

So, over the weekend, I saw some Ugg like boots on sale (the Love from Australia range - to my benefit, they actually look better than Uggs as they are more structured) and for the first time I found myself tempted. They looked very comfortable, the grip would be great for winter and snow, and it was a bargain with 60% off! They are the Jezebel Tall Nappa Boots at £95 down from £229.

I couldn't decide though so I asked my friends. Once they got over the shock of me even considering Uggs, I got 2 very opposing views. One of them said yes, as it would be like walking in a cloud. Hers are literally the most comfortable thing ever. My second friend on the other hand said, "Hell no!". In her opinion there is no amount of comfort that would excuse the ugliness of those boots. Lol. In the meantime, time is ticking. So what do you think: Yay or Nay on Uggs?

Have a lovely week guys! 

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  1. I'm sorry but why is this public knowledge. If I got fired, I won't necessarily want the entire world to know. Or is this how it works in the world of fashion magazines?