Monday, 7 February 2011



*sigh*...It's a few hours past submission deadline and my big head still ain't receiving signals from my brain. So I've decided that imma keep scribbling until something adds up and makes sense. Unfortunately, all that has left me with is a basket full of rumpled paper.

After emptying the basket twice, I finally figured the cause of my writer's block - Oh Manchester United and the high BP, adrenaline rushing outcomes of this weekend's matches.

After enjoying the pleasure of watching that didn't come out right...I meant to say GOONERS...well you know what I'm talking about here.

Anyways, after watching them implode - all thanks to a moment of PURE madness from that French claiming, Ivorien born thug cum footballer, Abou Diaby - I was in jolly mode as I set in to see my devils lure some wolves to hell.

Unfortunately, the wolves had other plans. First, to end my dream of watching Manchester United top ASSenal's (well whatever!) 'invincibles' record. Secondly, to make me choke to death on hard liquor (which I miraculously survived) and lastly, to feed me some massive humble pie.

In as much as the pie was fresh baked, my tongue refused to capture any of its sweet elements and even as I write this, I secretly wish I'd wake up Monday morning to the news that for some reason I really do not want to know, the march would have to be replayed. (Yeah I know, I'm pathetic)

All the same Manchester United remains on top of the league and the best team in the world (excluding the Barcelona spartans/mercenaries).

I sure wouldn't leave without talking about the Chelstinks capitulation (hahahahaha). With all the noise about Torres, did they really think because they paid £50million, he was going to play attack, midfield and defence? Or he would score 2 goals with every touch of the ball?...pleasssee!!! He couldn't even survive 90minutes.

I'll leave you this BREAKING NEWS courtesy FABSportTV:

'Chelsea heading for court because Liverpool sold Torres without User Manual'

Aight guys! See you next Monday!

Oh, before I Boss just confirmed my 'SuperBori' status...he got me this -

Remain UNITED!

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