Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Well, this week sorry to disappoint, but I'm not being rude and crude, maybe next week... I have NO Valentines to speak of. I didn't even go out with the girls... But i got better news; I disrupt any random rantings or crudeness to post this news bulletin:  I'm an aunty!!! Woohoo! Big Bro Odeku and his missus gave birth to a lovely healthy 8pound baby boy on Sunday! I'm so proud of both of them, he's gorgeous. No name as yet, but check out the cuteness:

How FAB is he? I'm so happy! Well done Mikyla and James!
I like babies - note how I said 'like' and not 'love' though. Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna love this little dude hardcore and I think babies are very special and amazing and when a baby smiles after you've been cooing 'ahhh','ahhh','ahhhh' over and over or doing the 'BOO!' in their face and watch them have a giggle to themselves, you just can't help but smile and feel happy. I tend to be a bit awkward handling and holding babies though; my big hands tend to feel they're going to break or hurt them. I held Mini Odeku though, he was just too cute not to. Though hold is all I did; I think I was too scared to even move! 
I kinda prefer children from 3 to about 8 when they can talk and are so innocently cute in their random natters and thoughts that it's heartwarming. I can happily sit in a four-year-old's company just asking them questions to hear their crazy tales and imaginative answers. My mum on the other hand said, 'If babies stayed babies, I'd have had loads.' Erm, thanks mum! 
I've never been one to want babies asap. Never been one to think about what age I want to have a baby at all actually. When the right time, if ever, comes around, the time comes around. I have not yet ever had that broody feeling. Not even the first time I saw and held my nephew (yep, quite awkwardly), I was just in pure admiration for my bro and his girlfriend and in awe of such a gorgeous, small, FABulous human being. It still didn't make me want one now though. Right now I could do without even more sleepless nights (I get enough as it is; damn insomnia!), sick smelling clothes, military missions to plan any night out and major responsibility of having to look after someone other than yourself 24/7 . Let's just say, right now is definitely not the right time. Miss Nics has always had a career head on her shoulders and that hasn't swerved as yet. And definitely is not going to when I have such a FABulous job/role at the moment!
So I'm a aunty! Yayyy! It's funny how time flies by. Soon I'll be 42 telling my 18-year-old nephew how Super Duper Fly and FABulous his aunt was and he'll tell me, 'I know, you still are!' haha! One last pic of me and the handsome boy. And the very tired daddy in the background!

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