Monday, 24 January 2011


Name: Elaine Shobanjo

Age: Hmmm, we'll come back to that. I love my age, but will have to keep you guessing ;)

Born and bred in: Born in Lagos, raised in Lagos & London.

Role at FAB: Acting Beauty Editor. Bringing everything 'beauty' right to you! Let's glam up, people!

FAB part of your job: Seeing the finished products of weeks of hard work!

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: Waiting to get sent photos that accompany articles.

Aspirations/goals: To grow my businesses to heights never imagined. That includes my role at FAB, and my make up business (

Inspirations: Too long to list here. I typically admire very hard working people who possess integrity, manners and a no-room-for-failure attitude. Those who get to the top with no integrity or manners do absolutely nothing for me!

Hero/Heroine: The Mandelas of this world.

FAB motto/saying: Drink triple, see double, act single!

KIDDINGGGGGG! Saw that on my brother-in-law's t-shirt and it cracked me up!

DO NOT follow this motto, people!

Best piece of advice you can offer: Life isn't a race. The journey also matters. It’s not who gets there first, but how we get there.

Your kind of music: I love me some dancehall and some 90s/early 2000s R&B/Hip Hop. My girlfriends always tease me about my love for the oldies, but who cares? You can't deny that hearing something off Joe's All that I am album or Kevin Lyttle's "Turn me on" or Rupee's "Tempted to Touch" isn't exciting ;) That's not to say I don't like the more recent R&B we've heard. I can't get enough of Rihanna's "What's my Name".

Your kind of book: I enjoy reading books on relationships. My cousin gave me a book written by her Pastor Sola Fola-Alade, titled The little things that can make a big difference in your marriage; was an excellent read.

Dream destination: Is it still a dream if I've been there already? As long as there's a beach and some sort of fun activities, I'm there.

Your style in a nutshell: Whatever's comfortable and accentuates my curves has got my vote.

Kryptonite: Oh dear!

Pet Peeve: Living in a way that attracts bugs! Eek!!!!! HATE that!

Anddddd DO NOT PING ME under ANY circumstances! Grrrr

Your USP: My passion for anything I get involved in. I think if you lack passion, you'll give only very little towards that cause, but when you're pumped about it, you'll give a 110%.

Log on to my blog if you: want to hear about make up, fantasies (not the kind you're thinking), maybe relationships, and all sorts of randomness.

Elaine Shobanjo is a professional make up artist, the founder of ShoMya (make up artistry) and the current Acting Beauty Editor of FAB Magazine.

Since the start of her make up business in late 2008, Elaine has worked at several fashion shows, beauty shoots, music videos, make up workshops and continues to build her clientele. Her work has been featured in Pride Magazine in the UK and she continues to work in Europe and Nigeria.

She is inspired by the work of several renowned make up artists such as Stephen Moleski, Sam Fine, Terry Barber, Eve Pearl and many more. An overall make up lover, Elaine’s attention is easily captivated as much by the lady doing her make up on the train as the runway diva gracing the catwalks of high end shows all over the world.

Joining FAB Magazine in October, Elaine is one of the newest members of Team FAB.


  1. Haha! Well spotted!
    Indeed QC it was.....

  2. Yay! Well DONE babes! No Limits :-)

  3. Well done dear!!! I remember when we were younger and you would teach me the 'proper' way to apply lipstick or eyeliner! today you are CEO of Shomya and part of the next magazine revolution! This is just the begining!

  4. Aww Glo....sobbbbbbb!!! Those days.....bless :)