Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Name: Nicola Odeku

Age: 24 - Arrrggghhhh! (lol)

Born and bred in: Esssseeeexx (Don't believe the hype! Or should I say Stereotype? Guess that first intro word did not help my argument did it. :-/ lol)

Role at FAB: GM of FAB Magazine, relationship advisor for the guys - oh yeah i said it, the GUYS. I tell you men how it is, and you love it. Admit it.

FAB part of your job: Being part of a such a FABulous team of dedicated, passionate and hardworking people and to be working with such a fresh and exciting FAB brand.

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: From my stress-head Miss Organised side to the workload, I feel the need to get everything done there and then. And my paper work, Editor-in-Chief Sinem and Creative Director Suby know what I am like with my notepads! Ha! Why do I feel the need to write EVERYTHING down the now 'Old Skool' pen and paper style? And then RE-WRITE the same or some of the same notes on new paper once the other starts looking a bit 'scruffy' from all my notes jotted around the side? (lol) As well as having the same information all readily available if I looked on my Blackberry or laptop... Weird? It;s very HARD work but it's great and so worth it to just know your working towards something amazing.

Aspirations/goals: To be well-respected and known in my current chosen fields of working for a FABulous magazine, and grow in my role as GM for this FAB brand, write more columns and get more recognition across Africa and internationally as a fashion model. Learn how to DJ, because I have always wanted to, travel many, many more places, learn some languages, and get a beach house in Nigeria - most of the FAB team know where... It'll be next to theirs, and yes Suby you WILL be there. :)

Inspirations: People who just do what they say they want to and never wait around for anyone.

Hero/Heroine: Well, for me it'll always be Beyonce because she is just amazing and I love it when she's her alter ego Sasha, but everyone knows I'm in love with Nicki Minaj now. She does and says what she wants; she's my new hero, and I want to be like her and have her bum. :) Ha!

FAB motto: Sweet and simple, and totally right: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. And something I heard recently I liked 'Nothing Will Work. Unless You Do.'.. True. 

Best piece of advice you can offer: If your really not happy in your work or even if your not working, 'What do you want to do?.. What would make you happy?..' ask yourself what you want and go for it. 'You can do anything if you have enthusiasm'.. there you go there's another 'motto' for you! :)

Best piece of advice you can offer: If you're not happy in your or even if you're not working, ask yourself  'What do you want to do? What would make you happy?'  and go for it. 'You can do anything if you have enthusiasm.' There you go, there's another 'motto' for you! :)

Your kind of music: I've always been a hip hop girl, ever since i was little girl - or young rather, I dont think I've ever been 'little'! (lol) I like Missy, Genuine, Biggie, Busta, Bone Thugs, Lil Kim, Aaliyah, DMX! Now I still listen to all those mentioned, but the main people I'm listening to right now is Nicki Minaj (of course I love her!), Drake (I kinda love him too!), Lil Wayne, Eminem, J Cole, Ludacris, Rick Ross.. I LOVE HIP HOP. It is NOT dead! Im also loving and kinda milking Tinie T and other UK acts doing it BIG right now. When I'm in Nigeria I like listening to M.I, eLDee, Da Grin, Banky W, Sasha, Mo Cheddah and a lot of other Nigerian artists and the clubs there play all the artists I mentioned above which you dont get in the UK, I love it.

Your kind of book: My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, but i love books and if it's recommended as good, I'll normally give it a go. Though I actually tend to go in a library/book store and pick a book literally by its cover... Bad, BAD Nicola, I know, but wait... if it looks 'boring,' I'll give the back a little glace over and get it if it sounds good! So there!

Dream destination: Any Caribbean island - I can state places if anyone wants to buy me a ticket :) Seychelles, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Bahamas... oh you didnt ask? Oh well, you can note it down for -erm - future reference. The peaceful and uber relaxing but also lively if wanted and fun environment is me all over.

Your style in a nutshell: In England I'm always in jeans, jumpers and boots as it's always so coooooollllddd... But in Nigeria I mix it up, I love to bust a heel and a skirt/top, dress, playsuit or shorts/top of some sort. My look may sometimes be random to some people, but I make it look cool nevertheless. Ha!

Kryptonite: Cakes... I just love cakes! I'd take anything toffee/caramel/chocolate and cakey over a bar of chocolate ANY day. But if you offered me the chocolate too after, I'd eat the chocolate too!.. I love sweet things, and so does my teeth. Not. Damn sensitive teeth! And there's always room for dessert! Even if there's not, there is.

Pet peeve: I'm quite impatient (but polite!) so ridiculously slow drivers unnecessarily taking too long; also people who are rude or really nasty to someone for no reason at all. And lateness. If I say I'm going to be somewhere or call you at a certain time, I'll be there ten minutes early and call when I said I would. It can be very irritating waiting half hour + when you rushed your butt off and coulda had that '15mins snooze time' or 'snack' you really wanted to stop and get but didnt think you had the time to, had you had known your scheduled meeting was not going to be punctual. 

USP: i think my unique selling points are my organisational skills, my reliabilty and my will to do work and get it down. It's in my nature  to be kind and polite and my big joker smile. :-D.. And I'm fun. Oh yes! YES I AM Suby! :-P. 

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A fashion model, writer, and GM for FAB Magazine, Nicola Odeku prides herself on her drive and passion to succeed in whatever she takes on in life.

Standing at 6ft without heels, with a slim athletic figure and stunning model looks, Nicola is the envy of all the females at FAB Offices and our favourite model. A talented sportswoman who enjoys volleyball and horseback riding, a model who has graced international catwalks and the powerhouse that ensure the smooth day-to-day communication between the UK and Nigeria FAB offices, there is no end to Nicola’s talents.

With her regular relationship column dishing clueless men advice on how to keep their women sweet, she is also the official FAB relationship adviser. 


  1. Ok,I love FABmag and have been reading since day one...but u got a 24yr old female MD!!! Now,that's extra FAB.
    I feel challenged (I'm older so I can't beat the record anyways) and motivated too.
    Keep it up guys...

  2. Nicola had us at hello ......that beautiful and smart? show us the dotted line and we'll sign it :)