Monday, 24 January 2011


Hello Peeps! This is my first blog post. This week it's all about getting into work. FAB is one of my many faces, so I usually have a lot of juggling to do. For FAB though, as the Contributing Editor, I usually have a bunch of articles to edit and a few pieces to submit myself! 

This week I need to think of what future movies I will be reviewing. Watching movies is one of my favourite past times. I usually see one a week - either through the freebie showfilmfirst preview movies or on an Orange Wednesday date with one of my friends. Last movie I saw was Morning Glory with Rachael McAdams (The Notebook and Mean Girls), Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton (if you don't know who those are then you are sorely lacking in a movie education!). 

Morning Glory is actually a really good film and I would highly recommend it. It's about this girl who is all about work and is hired to be the executive producer of a breakfast show with Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton as the co-anchors. I liked it cos I found her totally relatable as I'm a major workaholic as well. The cutie Patrick Wilson is utterly sexilicious with his fit body, blue eyes and strawberry blonde/ginger hair! (I've been having a debate about his hair colour with my cousin - so please tell me what you think). 

If you have any movie recommendations or a film you'd like me to review then drop me a comment. Hope you all have a FABulous week! 


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