Monday, 24 January 2011


Name: Wale Oyerinde

Age: 23

Born and bred in: Ibadan

Role at FAB: Fashion Assistant

FAB part of your job: Giving me the chance to do what I love best... Nothing feels imposed, every task is a stimulant.

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: The 'behind the scene' process of the magazine, but when the result comes out... that's what I call the FAB part of my job.

Aspirations/goals: Being the best I can be in fashion, striving constantly to be on top of my game, and someday become a fashion editor.

Inspirations: Abstracts, culture, music and people's lifestyles.

Hero/Heroine: Tom Ford (if he concentrated his divided energy & attention to the female side alone.)

FAB motto: Join the FABwagon.

Best piece of advice you can offer: It’s easier to be yourself, wear what suits you, dress well and learn how to edit... Simplicity is divine!

Your kind of music: Afro-pop, techno and soft rock.

Your kind of book: Books with more pictures than words. As they say "If you wanna hide an information from a black man, put it in a book with no pictures; he will never find it" lol

Dream destination: New York

Your style in a nutshell: Sometimes conservative, sometimes practical - all depends on mood.

Kryptonite: Bananas

Pet peeve: Dry people who push to be funny.

UPS: Ability to work under pressure and still keep cool, as my anger is best expressed in silence!

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  1. Wale is fab. Definitely one to watch on the Nigerian fashion scene...

  2. Oh this guy is great........seen some of his stuff...very quiet but cant tell whats going on in his creative mind