Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Name: Lara Olafisoye

Age: 24

Born and bred in: The home my mama made.

Role at FAB: Contributing Editor

FAB part of your job: Seeing the published articles that I wrote or edited.

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: Correcting some of the language and grammar howlers that some writers miss off in their pieces.

Aspirations/goals: to be on the cover of Times/Forbes before I die.

Inspirations: Successful people

Hero/Heroine: Victoria Beckham

FAB motto/saying: Kiss my ass. Or Bite me. Either works.

Best piece of advice you can offer: If you ever have constipation, drink coke!

Your kind of music: Rock and Neo-Soul

Your kind of book: Fantasy

Dream destination: Tuscany - sun-kissed buff Italian men (in my head all the men there are like that), yummy food and wine. What more do I need?

Your style in a nutshell: Sophistication with awesome accessories! 

Kryptonite: Playing with my hair and rubbing my back.

Pet Peeve: Poor Grammar - writing or speaking. Can't abide it. Oh and people that spit on the road - disgusting!

Follow me on twitter : @Laralax.

When she is not chained to her desk at her tiresome finance day job, Lara spends her time daydreaming about how to save the world with prose, poetry and a stylish/creative eye. She prowls the night as the masked FAB Contributing Editor, targeting all the criminals against the English language that seek to invade the pages of FAB magazine.

What spare time she has post editing is spent juggling her busy social life, attending shopaholics anonymous meetings, building her expanding collection of books she has no time to read, travelling as much and as far as her credit cards will allow, rocking out at concerts, developing some culture with the opera & ballet, and slaking her thirst for fine dining, drinking and fashion.

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