Sunday, 16 January 2011


Name: Ijimakinde Oluwabori

Age: 24 years young

Born and bred in: Las Gidi, baby!

Role at FAB: Marketing and Distribution Executive

FAB part of your job: Dropping off a new issue of FAB magazine and hearing that question that now sounds very much like a cliché "How do you guys do this?" Well, "Na God o."

And yes... the free invites to gigs.Yayyy!!!

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: The workload that comes with the actual distribution...Mehn! I rest my case.

Aspirations: To be in the school that will revolutionise the Nigerian viewing experience (movie and television-wise) - I obviously can't do it alone, can I?

And I wanna be a billionaire... like sooooo freaking bad!

Inspirations: Visionaries that make their visions a reality and God tops that list for me. Anything else don't move me.

Hero/Heroine: My Dear Grandma - It's not easy to raise and tame me (that's all I'll say).

FAB motto: I refuse to be an asset for the graveyard. My Ideas must outlive me.

Best piece of advice you can offer: Always look beyond the short term; think long run.

Your kind of music: It ain't hip-hop, then I won't .... (Now fill in the gap with a word that rhymes).

Your kind of book: Tease me with a John Grisham book or any mafia related classic and BANG! Imma suck up to you forever (forever being how long it takes to get it off you).

Dream destination: That's my Dream Home; it's going to be heaven on earth - like seriously...

Your style in a nutshell: Very very random but comfy and less attention seeking.

Kryptonite: Beautiful and curvy ladies... Damn! Do they weaken all my 'graggs' or what?

Someday soon, I'm hoping it will just be one woman, but till she FINDS ME, they are all free to 'kryptonise' me... lol

Pet Peeve: Ill-mannered beings and 'I too knows'.

Your USP: My commitment level to any project I am a involved in and also my ability to learn fast and quickly settle into whatever role I am chosen to play.

Log on to my blog if you like: A wandering mind that never leaves you in wonderland!

Oluwabori, a dynamic individual fascinated by the power of the imagination is a university graduate who let go of a career in systems network administration to pursue his long-time passion for creativity and the arts - a move that features on his ‘top ten’ best decisions thus far.

Ready to learn the ropes in becoming the best in his chosen field, his daily objective is to ‘get it done’ and that is exactly what he does at FAB magazine. He gets it done!

Not yet known for his writing prowess, ‘HugeKid’ (as he likes to call himself) harbours the dream of becoming an infamous scriptwriter/director and is already working on his first feature script. He says “I have big dreams and big dreams conquer the world.”

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