Sunday, 30 January 2011


Name : Adepeju Sherie Adeleke

Age : 24

Born and bred in: London/Lagos/London

Role at FAB: fashion/creative intern I do anything and everything from the world wide web FAB awareness to styling, to blogging, to making tea or coffee... In short, whatever needs doing I am your girl (call me the FAB girl, OK?).

FAB part of my job: EVERYTHING! Meeting amazing creative people, learning from great people who have mastered their skills and craftsmanship of their specified field, but most importantly working in an environment where my creativity and ideas are appreciated and valid.

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: The chase, getting designers, running all over London to gather materials.

Aspirations/goals: I will be greater than Mary Portas, find a way to show the world how amazing Africa is, become a UNICEF ambassador and share my talent with the world in style.

Inspiration: The greatest and most amazing creative genius ever, the almighty God. He did such an amazing job with the universe which is both highly impressive and extremely baffling to comprehend.

Hero/heroine: Omodolapo Akinoso. My dearest mother is my hero; she doesn’t know it but the drive to succeed, being strong willed, knack for fashion, fabric and personal style were instilled in me by her. I love you, Mum.

Best piece of advice you can offer: Live, love, laugh; life is way too short.

Your kind of music: Whatever I can relate to.. I listen to a bit of everything: indie, hip hop, pop, house, and vintage Nigerian music. To be honest music is solely dependent on my mood really.

Your kind of book: British Medical Journal, any book by Paulo Coelho, Harry Potter, True Blood, Vogue, Wonderland, and Fashionaries.

Your style in a nutshell: Simple, updated, boho chic.

Your Kryptonite: Shoes and champagne.

Pet Peeves: Ignoramuses. Life isn’t black and white, deal with it.

Your USP: No matter what, an encounter with me is unforgettable. I’m like Marmite; there’s no in-betweens.

Log on to my blog: if you’re F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S, if you love fashion and know how to celebrate living.


  1. Yayyyyyy! That's my bestie! You go girl!!! xx


  2. babygirl ride on, God's is with you and we are behind you.

  3. Woooooop!! GO SHERIE. That's my little sister. Okay, not so little :p