Monday, 24 January 2011


Name: Cindy

Age: 23

Born and bred in: The U.K.

Role at FAB: Assistant Editor

FAB part of your job: Being able to contribute my own ideas and work within a creative environment with lovely people. Being able to get up close to (and actually touch) shiny pretty things at shoots, as well as occasionally being able to work in my PJs at home - forget stilettos for work, I'm rocking slippers all season...

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: I would say the occasional stress of last minute ops, lack of organization that comes with the field and unexpected cancellations. And of course the late night fine-combing of each issue which ensues a week before print date... although not many people can say they sleep as the sun rises and for a small total of 4 hours before they're up again for work... We at FAB are so rock'n'roll.

Aspirations/goals: To one day have my own magazine, write a novel and have dabbled in presenting - all with an aim to be able to keep using the phrase 'I love my job'. And who knows, maybe I'll even have time for a little designing. The sky, apparently, is the limit.

Inspirations: Music, fashion, art, people and life. It's a very vague list I know...

Hero/Heroine: I look up to many people for different reasons and so can't narrow down to one answer. As an example, Beth Ditto: a girl who braves a society that doesn't always condone/understand the mixture of her talent and aesthetic.

FAB motto: It's not what you know, it's who you know - something I've heard my Dad say many a-time. Plus it really is true!

Best piece of advice you can offer: Do what you love to do and seek a career with that in mind - you spend probably two-thirds of your life at work, so make sure you enjoy it almost as much as not working... To be stuck at a desk you hate for most of your life is a horrible thought and a waste of precious little time.

Your kind of music: Indie/Rock/Pop/RnB/HipHop/Ragga/Funky House... whatever has me moving or singing.

Your kind of book: A short one (LOL) I'm not going to lie. I'm very poorly read. I have some titles on my 'to-read' list (The Time Traveller's Wife, Sophie's World...) but I'll point out they have been stacked on my shelf waiting for my attention for quite some time. Anything that comes highly recommended makes it on to the pile and when I have the pleasure of enjoying a month-long holiday, I will get down to some reading. Lord of the Flies was probably the last book I've read and I can say that, although it was long, I liked it. Big thumbs up for W.Goulding.

Dream destination: #Jamaica, Jamaicaha!# and Beijing... can't wait.

Your style in a nutshell: Eclectic... and variable: sometimes I'm glam, sometimes I'm vintagey, and sometimes I'm dressed a little bit street (high tops, high tops and more high tops). Other times, I just can't be bothered. I'll keep you posted though.

Kryptonite: Sales make me weak at the knees. New clothes (and shoes, and bags, and jewellery) are also on the impossible-to-avoid list, as is Topshop, TKmaxx and Ebay. Oh and sweet things like cake, chocolate and my boyfriend ("Tee-hee").

Pet Peeve: People borrowing things without asking, seeing someone else rocking my top/dress/bag/shoes/anything, those that diss your outfit but buy it soon after, lies (however small) and wet blankets (the human kind).

Your USP: I could talk for Britain if given the chance and my dark sense of humour could probably shock even the most foul-minded person. Oh and I laugh at all my own jokes... because they're the funniest. Though my main unique selling point is always the fact that there is only one me. Get it before it's gone.

Log on to my blog if you like: Procrastinating.

Cindy, the fashion-stalking enthusiast and Assistant Editor at FAB Magazine, is a recent university graduate in Journalism, Media and Communications at The University of Buckingham in England.

Interested in all things wearable, from clothes and accessories to make up and fragrances, and all else that makes up a ‘look’, Cindy is busy thinking up new dreams since her ambition to work on a publication of mutual interests has been fulfilled.

Since finding her perfect match in FAB, Cindy remains face-deep in a mountain of articles to edit and ears full of instructions to carry out, but ever excited to help deliver the next issue of FAB Magazine. 

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  1. Pleasure to finally 'meet' you Cindy!