Friday, 21 January 2011


Name: Suby (Yes, just Suby)

Age: Since I always only ever listen to my heart, I am currently 26 :)

Born and bred in: Lagos/London, London/Lagos

Role at FAB: Creative Director, sometimes photographer, photo editor/re-toucher, postman, go-between, driver, project manager and any job going that I can help with at FAB Magazine (even been known to make tea). Okay, most times I am the Creative Director. (lol).

FAB part of your job: EVERYTHING, working with such an amazing FAB team (I REALLY LOVE YOU all), but most of all, the fact that FAB Magazine has given me the chance to work full time with my better half, the most amazing talented magazine editor in the world (SHE REALLY IS). 

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: Getting the post (UK) ready. Has to be done, but so mind numbingly boring. Writing emails…but I seem to spend my days writing them anyway.

Aspirations/goals: First and foremost, to be the most loving husband & father, to be the most loving and understanding friend. To be creative everyday of my life. To be one of the top 5 fashion photographers in the world. To HELP make FAB Magazine the best quality magazine it can be, and somewhere along the line, to make loads of money (really would not mind that).

Inspirations: The amazing, strong, ‘never-say-it-can't-be-done" women in my life; my mother, my 3 sisters and most especially my wife - I love you, wifey (okay feel free to puke into the puke bucket :)). 

Hero/Heroine: My mother; she is the coolest, most energetic, most loving, most caring, most understanding 70+ mother in the world. You really have to meet her to understand her super heroine status in the world. 

FAB motto/saying: Relax, smile, take it easy; it will all work out. 

Best piece of advice you can offer: Respect, love, trust & honesty should be the words that guide your daily life. Patience, understanding and willingness to sometimes let go of pride will get you far. Being willing to help others without asking for or looking for reward will get you even further, but most importantly always have a smile on your face and in your heart at all times. Remember being nice does not cost anything. Oh and always play fair and nice. 

Your kind of music: Anything that sounds nice. Really been rocking a particular mixed Turkish CD in the car for the last 2 weeks, next week may be Nigerian tunes or Bhangra. 

Your kind of book: Used to be anything by John Grisham, Eric Von Lustbadder, Frederick Forsyth, Robert Ludlum, but since FAB Magazine entered my life, I have had less time to read. At the moment it's the one been written by wifey, really can't wait to read the end of her novel (Hint hint, wifey!); she has made me like a romantic novel -WOW. 

Dream destination: Anywhere wifey wants to go that is not too hot :)

Your style in a nutshell: Jeans, knee length shorts, T-shirts, hooded tops, sleeveless tops and some really funky African style tops I recently discovered. (Yes, I know, I am boring).

Kryptonite:  Sinem Onabanjo :) I love that woman to bits. (Passing you the puke bucket again, sorry :))

Pet Peeve: Disrespect, dishonesty, lies in any form, to one’s self or to those around them, drive me up the wall. People who are late for anything or never arrive anywhere on time. Really can't stand lateness.

Your USP: Willingness to work hard, help anyone, do any job to ensure, whatever job/role or person is in my life, we all end up as successes. 

Log on to my blog if you like: A mad (extremely private) very simple creative photographer whose sole aim in life is to put a smile on YOUR (Yes, you!) face with his hopefully amazing images and straight talk. 

Suby, is the creative force behind FAB Magazine. Leaving a lucrative position in project management in 2005 to pursue his lifelong passion in photography, Suby built the brand Subysphoto in a matter of months and made it a byword for creativity, integrity and professionalism – qualities he prides himself on.

When in the office, he spends most days overlooking not only the creative side but also day-to-day management of FAB activities. Out of the office, on shoots, he aims to create a fun and friendly, yet professional atmosphere for everyone on set.

Infectiously positive, Suby is one to think big and dream even bigger. When not busy editing images for FAB or mentoring young people, (a personal interest he is keen to develop further in the future), Suby spends most of his time stroking what he calls the “evil black cat” and plotting world domination with FAB. 


  1. Suby is the man, more grease to your elbow broda.
    Meanwhile aren't you like 46 .......... or is it 57

  2. this interview is so honest....... so true to the letter. love u bro, keep representing....

  3. Hmmm you look like a 25 year old guy lol i like your job and you much more good, remember when you took me to tesco supermarket to buy camera film (etisalat promo) you are not self centred lol :) i like your instinct.