Sunday, 30 January 2011



Hello FAB people,

This is my first blog - yaaaay!!! Now that really does not sound like me, but I really do feel like letting out a shout every now and again. 

Five minutes ago I received a mail on Facebook from a lady I do not even know saying she felt I was really proud and short-tempered just from studying me, and my mind immediately went defensive... Me! Proud?However, my heart stopped me as it said to me, "Yes, you are short-tempered!" 

I must admit the littlest things can tick me off, but then I am growing to manage quite a lot in my short life span. I usually expect from others what I give, and my wife, Mrs FAB, has made me realise that it will never happen, so she advises me to just keep loving people even when they are incapable of loving me back. This indeed is a sound Christian doctrine and my heart believes it totally! So watch my temper dissipate with each encounter I come across not because I have the strength but because I have requested for God’s grace. 

However, pride is not something that I can say I possess and could ever even if I tried! "Why?" you may ask. It is quite simple. I realise that everything I could own and everything I could ever achieve is because God has permitted me to have or realise it. I live by this principle and it keeps me in check. If you happen to be creative, think about the authentic creator and the works of His hands and you will be humbled knowing that He only revealed a little of Himself to you! If you are extremely smart, He probably just endowed you with a little of His wisdom!

About 4 years ago, I got the revelation as hidden in my name for 29 years. I was born Familusi Akin Babajide, I was FAB! Immediately I advised every publication writing about me to refer to me as such because with the name came a vision that was indeed bigger than me. I still recall the first day I got a full page write-up in ThisDay Style as FAB! I recall smiling the next week when someone stopped me and asked "Are you FAB?"  

The vision I have is one that only God could have given! FAB Magazine might have been born barely a year ago, but you must realise that everything is first revealed in the spiritual before you ever see it in the physical! FAB Magazine had been settled a long time ago and I thank God that, even though it is fast catching on and being distributed worldwide, becoming a by-word for quality, it remains only the beginning for me. Watch this space and any other platform you could find me on and see me boast not in what I am or becoming but in whom I know...I call Him the I AM THAT I AM!

**Right now I am in Colombo, Sri-Lanka where I am hard at work (forget that the picture makes it look like I am at play) and will bring you my Asian stories next week!



  1. yay!! ur first blog and am the first to comment... :-) love u so much baby!! my darling best friend, i believe in you so much and i know that He that began a great work in you will be faithful to complete it. You have no proud vein in you and i know you have worked so much on your temper. it is not an issue at all. So tell that chic to ask me because she doesnt know you at all!!

  2. An old friend of Mrs Fab, Doyin Thompson31 January 2011 at 18:15

    I dont normally read blogs. But this was really cool. Congrats on ur first FAB blog.