Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Okay so here I go on my first blog ride... thanks for climbing aboard. 

So January... the time most of us are trying that new diet, skin care regime, gym class, eating healthy, determined this New Year is the New You. Have you, like me, already ditched one, if not all of your 'resolutions'? Well, my new theory is to start them in February. January is the month after that time of the year where you relaxed and indulged so much that cold turkey starts to take its toll on the unwilling dieters, food lovers and regime rebels come mid - okay early - Jan... like me.

I kinda like February, it's nice and short, it's closer to Spring which means that we are also closer to the time in England, where we MAY just get a little sun - I think it's called Summer. 

February is also home to Valentines Day, which yet again, I am single  for.  Considering I am the male relationship adviser for FAB Magazine, maybe I should get myself an adviser on how to bag myself one. (Joke!) I don't need help, it's just that I have NEVER had a boyfriend on Valentines Day. I have NEVER been on a date and I have NEVER even had a card. It would just be nice to have a romantic and rude Valentines Day to remember/recount but it doesnt bother me. 

I say I AM single again already because I know that in the next four weeks when it does come around, I AM going to be. I want to be single. I dont really have the time for a boyfriend. And to be honest I have never been one to 'have to have a guy' to make me feel good, or happy or secure. I like being single. 

Don't get me wrong, there are times where I'd like nothing more than a hot man to cuddle up with, but when not in a relationship, you don't have to answer to anybody about how short your skirt is/how little you have on - unless you're caught out by your dad on the way out... (Sorry, Dad!) -, what time you stroll in - unless your rather tipsy self smashes a glass upon getting in at 4am and trying to pour a glass of water.. (Sorry, Dad!) or who that text/bbm/facebook message is from every time your phone beeps (Thank God my dad is not a technology geek)... And on Valentines day if your single self does go out at least for one night of the year, you know every male/female out is almost certainly also single. Giving you flirting availabilties down to - ermmm - anyone you want. And who doesn't love a flirt with someone sexy? :)

So stroll on January, bring on February where I'm actually starting to look forward re-starting *cough* the gym, start swapping the cakes for fruit and drinking water on nights out. Where I can stay my single self indoors and get onto my work, my missions, ideas and goals to becoming successful, "coz I just wanna be, I just wanna be..." (If you got that, okay, I admit that was kinda bad). And where I can flirt with any sexy person I want to whenever I do choose to go out, or online in my PJs with hair scraped back and no make up on. Because I'm single. And I can!


  1. Lol Nicola...these drunken nites of urs... ;)
    Love the pic of cupid.

  2. Oooops.... Let me come out and say it, I was probably out with Nics on some of those drunken nights! :) But hey, have said it before, will say it again, where Sin rolls, Nics rocks! Sinem

  3. I don't need a guy feel secure or happy about myself either - but nothing beats a power couple!! Maybe next Valentines day huh? Nice blog Pepper!

  4. Hi Jules, this entry was actually written by Nicola, our General Manager. Pepper is very much un-single :)