Friday, 21 January 2011


Name: “Mista Skee”, but if you don’t know me well, “Mis-ta” will suffice!

Born and bred in: London-Lagos

Role at FAB: Design/Illustrations/Layouts

FAB part of your job: Having fun and getting paid for it. But more seriously speaking, the creative process involved in putting the whole magazine together; that experience is second to none.

Least liked but still FAB part of your job: Call me on 077…

Aspirations/goals: My major aspiration is to see FAB grow into something that even we cannot fathom at the moment; with each issue we have to strive to push further and further ahead of the crowd, soon there will be no crowd.

Inspirations: God. He alone is more than enough! My parents, wife and family; they know the real me and still love me.

Hero/Heroine: Batman/Wonderwoman J In the real world though, I have no heroes, everyone has a dark side, no one is perfect. In people we see only what we want to see. Selah!

Best piece of advice you can offer: Aim to be the best “YOU.”

Your kind of music: Music is so relative, but in general I appreciate good vocals and meaningful content. I do think there is a big difference between real musicians and products of the media who are obsessed with record sales, auto-tune and influencing our youth with bad morals.

Your kind of book: I love a good novel, but these days I mostly read computer and electronic manuals… I’m geeky like that!

Your style in a nutshell: I’m all “skeed “out! Style is not something you say you have in my books, it’s something others say you have or don’t have.

Kryptonite: Kryptonite! It makes me weak and decreases my design powers!

Pet Peeves: People who do what they do badly! Wastefulness! Arrogance.

Your USP:  Being Skee! Like me or not! I like myself!

Log on to my blog if you like: Pls do

A seasoned fine artist, photographer and graphic designer with over 10 years experience working in the graphic design industry, working on projects from conception to completion. 

His ability to blend his artistic flair with a comprehensive knowledge of design and layout techniques brings a unique and rather refreshing approach to his work.

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  1. Totally love your work on fab. would love to see more of ur arty side coming out even more on its pages. Totally agree with ur view on music, autotune and bad moral - but i still dance to their beat! :). hola